About Twin Series Fishing

Twin Series Fishing is a leading brand of baits and fishing tackle produced by legends. Each product is carefully researched and tested by social and competitive anglers with more than thirty years’ of experience.

When Johan and GP set out to create a baits and tackle brand, they knew that it had to meet the needs of their South African clientele. Each product had to be of high quality and extensively tested to achieve results in South Africa’s waters and climate. Importantly, the products had to be affordable in order to ensure maximum value to social and competitive anglers.

The team was ideally placed to create a powerful product range, as they are both Protea Fishers who have participated on local, provincial, national and international levels. They only use Twin Series Fishing baits during competitions – and with great results!

Ten Years of Twin Series Fishing, Baits and Tackle

Ten plus years after its inception, Twin Series Fishing continues to grow from strength to strength while the brand gains traction as a leading manufacturer of quality fishing baits.

The team continues to develop new and innovative baits to serve the diverse needs of their growing clientele. Extensive research and testing forms the basis of each new product before it is exposed to Twin Series Fishing’s discerning clients.

If it works for them, it will work for you!

Twin Series Fishing takes pride in feedback from the fishing waters. Few things are as exciting as a call from a client who just won a competition or tournament. Such news inspires us to work even harder to provide even better products.

Speak to the Twin Series Fishing team about your needs. They will use their combined experience spanning over thirty years to provide you with the perfect combination for your specific requirements.

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